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The inspiration...


... taunting me like the Holy Grail of all toys, right there in my Doctor Who magazine...Doctor Who dolls! And not just any Who dolls, but "Megos", just like the "World's Greatest Super Heroes" I grew up playing with! I had to own them! If only they weren't just being distributed across the sea...

Growing up in Chicago, somehow dubbed the Doctor Who "fandom" capitol of America, was a pretty fun ride in the eighties. Davison was currently the Doctor. I got to meet Troughton, who came in costume to the giant anniversary conventions, as did Frasier and the rest of the Doctors, (except Tom).

The dealer rooms were a treasure trove... too bad I was still in Junior High and didn't have a job to properly fund my hobby IN those dealers rooms!
Somehow I scraped up enough money to buy a loose "Doctor" doll for sixty clams at one of those cons (sans scarf and screwdriver), and it would be many tortuous years 'till I would ever have any of the others (thank God for E-Bay!).

This site is intended as an archive for the original seven toys in the Denys Fisher/Mego 9"
Doctor Who range, as well as a place to showcase my various attempts at customisin
other 9" additions to their plastic universe
and my artistic celebration of it.

As this site has grown since November 2001,I've added more fun theatrical styled pics- brand new scenes, sets, photo shop experimentation, etc, for nothing more than the sheer fun of it, (so many of which I had to start a photo shop gallery)! I hope you get a kick out of them as much as I enjoy making them! There are even a few mini-Mego Doctor Who photo-comics here that are experimentation towards me doing a full feature-length one some day.

When I first got the internet, the first thing I did was search for other Who customizers and despite endless searching, a never found more than one, Brian Heiler's Master (now show cased in my "Your Customs" section).

Therefore, the OTHER goal for my site has been to showcase other people's Doctor Who customs to let our attempts inspire others, or if they have their own custom sites, to list them on my LINKS page. I have had many people write me and say this is exactly the thing they had always wanted to do.
Well, when you're done, send me the photos or send me your website link! It's a big universe to customize!

The plan for the customs...
When I decided on finally making the Doctor
Who customs I had been dreaming about for
years, I realized I ought to make some

Honestly, if I made everything I wanted
to, I would have had a zillion customs,
and I only have so much room! I decided
that since the original Mego series had
focused on the then current Fourth Doctor
(Tom Baker) era, I would stick to it too
and only make other characters and
monsters from that era.

Which is why it is even more suprising
that the first customs I actually made
was an Ice Warrior and a Sea Devil.

Well, the Sea Devil ran into problems,
and soon I was knee deep in a Second
Doctor, the Brigadier, and a few Yeti
customs. So much for plans! Now my plans
are to stick just to the Second and Fourth
Doctor eras, and to celebrate which I
just made a new Auton custom.

If anyone has any additional Mego/Denys
Fisher Doctor Who information I've left out,
has any pictures of the other Mego Doctor
Who prototypes that were never made but
are rumored to exist, or has custom
pictures they would like to have displayed
here, thoughts, comments, or suggestions,
feel free to contact me!

I'd like to thank William for letting me
borrow his digital camera so often, Brian for helping teach
me a few things that have helped immensely with
photoshop, Arthur for being my caretaker of SEP's, and Milo
for contributing so much to this site.
Thanks guys!

Dana Scully 12 inch figure